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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bonus Post: New eBooks!!

I've told you before about how you can check books out online. Well since you guys did such an awesome job of doing just that in June, we're getting some more ebooks for you guys to borrow! Isn't that amazing?! And I was allowed to give you guys a sneak peak into an eBook you can check out starting tomorrow. Wanna know what it is? Well do you? I'll give you a hint: I talk about it all the time on here.

That's right! Starting tomorrow, you can check out TFIOS through your phone, e-reader, tablet, computer--you name it! Simply go to our website, click "Downloadable Media" on the left, and click on the Overdrive button. (You have to go through our website to see what's available through your card.) You can browse through our entire online collection or just select "All Teen" to see just YA books.

Overdrive works just like the library, just through the interwebs. You can put up to three items on hold, and your checkouts last two weeks. You just don't have to worry about returning it to the library; it will disappear after your checkout time is up (which is great because I forget all the time). We get new books constantly, so keep checking to see what's available.

Also check out our other online lending services! Freading also has eBooks, Zinio has magazines, and OneClick is for audio books. (Don't forget that audio books count on your summer reading!) We also have all of these resources for you to look at/download. We're just full of free gifts!

Also, check out SYNC. They give away two audiobooks a week--one current YA and one book that's more likely to be on your summer reading list for school. It's only available until August 13, so take advantage of it now!

You only have a few weeks of summer left, so why not spend it getting some fun reading in before you have to worry about homework again?

Comic Book News!

  • Marvel made some huge announcements this week:
Get excited, guys!! 
  • Bad news for Archie comics fans! **Spoiler alert!
    • Archie died in last week's issue. Check out CNN's article to learn how it happens, including comic panel pages.
    • But don't worry! The comic won't end. It will apparently still take place in an "alternate timeline." Abed from Community would be concerned.
  • Batman is turning 75!
    Well not really Bruce Wayne himself, but the comics are! How can you celebrate, you ask?
    • Well, you could read them. We have Batman books in just about every section of the library.
    • You could also check out the 1960's TV show. It's being released on DVD for the first time ever! POW!
    • Or if you want something a little more current, they're adapting the comics into a new TV show. It's called Gotham, and it's going to air this fall. It takes a look back at Bruce Wayne as a kid but really focuses on Commissioner Gordon's start when he was still a cop. The website is already up and trailers are out. Here's one:

What do you guys think? Does it do Bob Kane's comic justice? Or does it follow too much in Christopher Nolan's footsteps? Or is it just blech? Comment with your thoughts!
(Personally I really love Batman so a Batman TV show is a big deal for me and I don't know what to think about this can't we just rewatch the Michael Keaton/Tim Burton Batman again???
This should keep you guys satisfied throughout ComicCon weekend, right? Right??

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Heroes of Olympus Update + Percy Jackson Book!!!

Rick Riordan gave his fans a plethora of amazing spoilers on his blog. Let's bullet point this:
  • If you've downloaded the short story "The Staff of Serapis," which features Annabeth Chase + Sadie Kane, you'll get a sneak peek of the first chapter of The Blood of Olympus. (Here's a sample of the first few pages of "The Staff of Serapis"!)
  • BTW, here's the cover for the final book in The Heroes of Olympus series, due to be released October 7:

  • RR also released some info about the book itself, including its length (about as long as the others) and what will happen at the end (no epilogue or cliffhangers but complete closure for the characters and story arc!).
  • Before that, though, you can read Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, and the illustrations look bananas. (Not like actual fruit bananas, but like, "it's so cool, it's making me crazy, like I'm 'going bananas.'" You guys remember Gwen Stefani, right??)
  • RR also mentioned what his next two projects are going to be and MAN, they sound good!!
    • His next series will be based on Norse mythology! It will be released Fall 2015, though the title (and some hints??) will be revealed at the end of The Blood of Olympus
    • Also, here's a quote directly from RR:
    • Other things going on: I am presently writing the third crossover story in the Kane/Percy Jackson saga, in which Percy, Sadie, Carter and Annabeth finally team up all together. This will be told from Percy's point of view, a la the 'old school' Percy Jackson novels. I'm having a lot of fun with it. I'll get you more info -- the title, the publication date -- as soon as it's all confirmed.
      !!! Worlds are colliding, guys! I'm going to wear out the + key on my keyboard, talking about Pecy + Sadie + Carter + Annabeth.

  • RR also mentioned he's going on a book tour starting October 7 to promote The Blood of Olympus, as well as the new paperback boxset that's been released.

It's just been a really exciting week for RR/Percy Jackson fans. If you're not up-to-date on any of his books--or if you want to read them over again--check them out from MRL!

Photo credits: Rick Riordan, Nate Powell, someone named Wes? Sorry Wes, I don't know you, but cool bed. Very Rocko's Modern Life.

Guest Post // North River Library Neighborhood: Summertime

Welcome to the North River Library Neighborhood! Summer of 2014 has been a busy one as of today, we have registered 816 youth ages 0-17 in the Summer Reading Games here at NRL. Summer reading culminates on August 9. We have provided Crafty Kids on Wednesdays with stories and STEM activities. Legos Club on the second Tuesday of each month throughout the year continues to be a big hit for children in grades K-5. Story times on Thursday mornings for children ages 0-5 have grown to our largest two with 90 participants combined. For adolescent patrons, a local Girl Scout has created writers support groups for her Gold Award. Students have met several times to share and discuss their personal writing pieces. The adult book group read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and enjoyed a discussion of the questions the book raised regarding life and death. Ms. Moyes' most recent book, One Plus One, is on order to arrive at NRL in early August.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bonus Post: New Mockingjay Teaser!

A new Mockingjay Part 1 teaser was released. I didn't think it was possible they could outdo the first one BUT THEY DID.